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Now you can do it all with one product!

is at the core of a family of knowledge-based hybrid solid/surface modeling products unlike anything else on the market. At the heart of this program is its unsurpassed ability to handle assemblies and drafting, and its absolutely complete integration with all of the other modules in the family.
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The other modules are listed below:

  • TopCam:
    A tightly integrated 2-7 axis automated machining application including high speed machining functionality.
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  • TopMold:
    A mold design application specifically tailored to the injection mold industry. Allows creation of 3d design, including insertion of runners, gates, injector pins and water lines. Allows collision checking of components.
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  • TopElectrode:
    A utility that dynamically creates electrodes, automatically includes spark gap, automatically creates drawings, and has a user definable BOM for all electrodes.
  • TopInspection:
    A tool for programming up to 7 axis CMM machines.
  • TopKinematics:
    A tool that allows you to apply mechanical motion constraints to verify that your design works (included in TopSolid Pro).
  • TopWood:
    Fully parametric tool that allows design of furniture and cabinets. Create detailed drafting and manufacturing instructions.
  • TopProgress:
    Excellent tool for designing progressive die cutting tools in 3d. Design or import parts, unfold and quickly layout complex part strips.
  • TopFabrication:
    Allows you to program laser, plasma and punch machines, and includes full nesting capabilities.
  • TopSheet Metal:
    A sheet metal design application that includes the ability to design, fold and un-fold even the most complicated sheet metal parts.
  • TopSplit:
    A product that dynamically separates cavity and core sheets from any solid or surface model (included in TopSolid Pro).
  • TopWire EDM:
    A tool for programming wire EDM machines.
  • TopControl: Finite element analysis.
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